Meet Soy,


Annica, aka "Soy," was a  corpsmember on the 2016 CCC Backcountry Trails Program Shasta-Trinity crew. Soy spent our KP days describing her mother's amazing Cambodian cooking. She inspired my first backcountry attempt at Pho (or Ka Tieu in Khmer), which was one of the most satisfying and surreal meals I've had in the backcountry. She was the person I trusted to grill while I was busy in the kitchen, and she constantly volunteered to help cook. Soy bought into all the goofiness of being on a backcountry crew. She applied war paint, danced, and lead the crew in performing the Haka. She inspired laughter. She worked incredibly hard. And now she's fulfilling her dream of becoming a firefighter as a member of the Miwok Tribe Fire Crew. They're very lucky to have her. 

Kelly Kate Warren